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Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you need the right travel insurance coverage to give you peace of mind. From cancelled flights to getting sick or injured while you’re away, a NZbrokers member can take the stress out of travel mishaps. Our expertise and impartial approach make it easy for you to get the right coverage so you’ll never get caught short.

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An independent complaints body in New Zealand, Financial Services Complaints, shared their 2016/17 statistics which reveal 18% of the investigated cases related to travel insurance. That’s more than four times any other insurance policy and demonstrates the level of dissatisfaction for travellers.

Further research showed that a quarter (24 per cent) of all travellers experienced a loss on their most recent overseas trip that would have been covered by most travel insurance policies. But too many people think all policies are the same and they don’t know what they’re covered for.

This same research showed 27 per cent of travellers either aren’t covered or aren’t sure whether they’re covered for medical expenses. And at least 40 per cent weren’t covered or weren’t sure if they were covered for flight cancellations, loss of passports, or theft of valuables.1

The knock-on effects of a cancelled or delayed flight can mean you miss your connecting flight, can’t use your hotel booking, and potentially miss out on other pre-planned and pre-paid activities. For business travellers, an unwell or injured executive, prior to or while travelling, could mean an important meeting can’t happen. The extra expense to send another executive to the meeting may be prohibitive.

NZbrokers is a network of New Zealand’s most experienced and knowledgeable insurance brokers. We can help you navigate the complex world of travel insurance and ensure you get the best possible coverage within your budget. And, if you need to make a claim, we’ll be there to help you.

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How to choose the right travel insurance

For many travellers, insurance is the last thing on their to-do list, so they just go with the cheapest cover and hope for the best.

It’s important to remember that most overseas countries don’t have free healthcare, for example. So, if you get sick or injured overseas, the cost of your care could run to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In that unfortunate eventuality, you’d be glad you chose a level of insurance that covered all those costs and you have the support of your broker to get the best claim result.

Travel insurance is available from a broad range of sources these days, not just traditional insurers. You can get travel insurance through your credit card provider or online or through your travel agent. But how do you know if you’re getting the right coverage? These sources only offer one product which may be better for them than it is for you.

Here are three things you should consider to make sure you choose the right travel insurance cover for your journey or your business colleagues:

1 Destination Consider where you’re going and what you plan to do while you’re there. If you’re headed to a risky destination or plan to engage in extreme sports, you need to let your broker know so you can get the right cover.
2 Existing medical conditions Existing medical conditions such as heart conditions, diabetes, or pregnancy, could affect your insurance cover, so it’s important to check with your broker to make sure you choose the right insurance policy. If you have an existing medical condition, it can be hard to find an insurer who’ll cover you. In this case, the most effective approach is to work with a broker to help you find the right cover.
3 Free options Free travel insurance (for example, with your credit card) is often worth exactly what you pay for it. Check the policy wording to make sure it meets your needs and to see whether there are any fine print details you may have missed.

One of the most difficult things for most people is having the time and knowledge required to thoroughly research all providers so you can get the right travel insurance for your trip.

Working with a travel insurance broker like a NZbrokers member can relieve you of this burden at no additional cost. In fact, you may end up paying less for your preferred policy.

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