Become a part of New Zealand's largest network of independent brokers

Become a part of New Zealand's largest network of independent brokers

Why NZbrokers?

Why join the team?

We are the largest independent insurance broker network in New Zealand

We are the number one broking network in New Zealand with more than 45 members, ranging in size, who negotiate over $850 million in premiums annually. Our members are all important to us. They are local and as such are passionate about the communities they represent. NZbrokers Management are here as their ‘cheerleaders’, helping them by providing support and systems to enable them to achieve outstanding customer outcomes.

By becoming a member of NZbrokers you will:
  • Maintain your independent status while enjoying all the unique member only benefits that being part of a network brings
  • Have access to exclusive products and services that enhance your knowledge, skills, and experience
  • Enjoy all the technological and professional advantages that come with being a member of a network of likeminded businesspeople
  • Be educated on relevant and contemporary topics at our Professional Development Days and conferences
  • Enjoy the backing of a company that has significant financial strength and influence
  • Be provided with succession options to underpin and drive long term security
  • Be better equipped to acquire other brokerages, attract good people, and gain new clients
  • Have fully optional continuance and/or exit strategies
  • Benefit financially: all services provided will be financially beneficial to your business either in the form of additional revenue or reduced expenses
  • Have fun!
Becoming a member

What we offer to our members

Join today and enjoy the benefits and backing of New Zealand’s largest independent insurance broking network.

NZbrokers member benefits

We believe that brokers should devote 100% of their time to delivering world-class client solutions. NZbrokers will take care of the rest.

Member services

NZbrokers provides independent brokers a range of member services. Services include, among others, a Group Professional Indemnity, Management Liability & Cyber Insurance Programme, educational services, workshops, a CPD rated conference and Professional Development Days. Our bespoke website and portal are also tailored to meet members needs. These are just some of the services we provide to enable outstanding client outcomes.

Collective strengths

NZbrokers' strength lies in its unified representation of members to the insurance industry, resulting in increased efficiencies and broader opportunities for insurers, brokers, and vendors. By aligning with NZbrokers, insurers have more confidence in the accuracy of the risk and underwriting information provided, leading to competitive responses and improved products, coverage, and terms for brokers and clients. This arrangement gives us the edge and we believe that these policies provide better cover than similar products available from other brokers in New Zealand.

Innovative technology

NZbrokers has developed a cutting-edge group wide platform that connects insurers, brokers, and clients like never before. Named Lola, it will change the face of the broking industry through features and functionality that radically streamline the broking experience. We are supporting existing members with their current broker platforms while they transition to Lola and can assist new and future members throughout the onboarding process. We also provide members with access to Power BI, a business analytics service that allows users to visualise and analyse data with greater speed, efficiency and understanding.


Member benefits

Through NZbrokers, members can access a range of exclusive benefits, including premium funding facilities and access to specialist insurance providers like SURA, Tysers (a subsidiary of AUB), and Globex International Group. We provide advisory services on matters such as policy coverage, regulation, compliance, underwriting, complaints, and disputes. Members enjoy access to tools such as RedBook, FormsByAir, and LMI, as well as a complimentary 30-minute consultation with Shine Lawyers for claim disputes and policy queries.

Become a member