Marine and Pleasure Craft Insurance

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Marine and Pleasure Craft Insurance

Getting out on the water with friends, family, or even on your own can be one of life’s great pleasures. Having your boat and its gear adequately insured means you can enjoy peace of mind, too. The right policy will protect you if your boat sinks, has a fire, is stolen, or is damaged due to a collision or storm. Knowing which policy is right for you can be confusing. A NZbrokers member can help.

Marine hull and pleasure craft insurance broker

Owning any kind of boat is a labour of love. From regular maintenance and servicing to mooring, transporting or storing it appropriately, you want to keep your boat safe.

Protecting such an important investment requires you to insure it as well as looking after it. Depending on how you use your boat, where you store it, where you sail it, and whether you use it for fishing, racing, cruising or as a charter, there’s an insurance policy that’s right for you.

You can choose comprehensive cover that protects you for incidents like theft and malicious damage, and can also cover your boat while it’s being transported on a trailer. If you’re working with a limited budget, you can choose a more limited type of cover or a higher excess. Alternatively you may choose to purchase third-party only insurance, which covers you for damage you cause to another person’s property.

There’s coverage for racers and coverage for cruisers, as well as extended coverage for people looking to sail their boats beyond typical navigation limits.

Your premiums and level of cover depend on your own experience and knowledge when it comes to piloting your boat, as well as the age and condition of the boat itself.

With all the different variables to consider, getting the right marine hull and pleasure craft insurance can be confusing and time consuming.

To get the right coverage, you need to talk to the experts in marine hull and pleasure craft insurance.

NZbrokers is a network of independent brokers with extensive experience in marine hull and pleasure craft insurance, and we have a broker close to you.

NZbrokers can help you:

  • find the best marine and pleasure craft insurance cover for your personal and  business’s needs
  • review cover from the broadest range of insurers
  • understand premiums and risk management
  • manage insurance claims for a better outcome.

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Getting the right marine hull and pleasure craft insurance

Whether you’re a keen sailor or boatie, a diver, water skier, or jet skier, or you just love fishing, you’ll have a better time out on the water if you know you’re protected.

There is an insurance policy to suit every type of commercial boat or pleasure craft, from dinghies and jet skis to yachts, launches and fishing vessels. If your boat is a trailer craft, then you’ll need a policy that covers you on the road.

Understanding how to maximise your coverage while minimising your premiums can be daunting. It takes an expert to know what’s best for your needs while ensuring you’re never caught short without enough insurance.

It’s important to work with an experienced marine hull and pleasure craft insurance broker to find the right cover. They’ve done the research and investigation so you don’t have to, and they can provide you with a range of options that suit your needs and budget.

Here are just seven of the key considerations when choosing marine hull and pleasure craft insurance:

1 Usage If you use your runabout for fishing in local waters, then you probably don’t need coverage for racing or blue water cruising. If you do use your boat for racing, you may want to check to see whether you’re covered or not. If you’re a yacht racer, you may also need a special type of cover for your sails and rigging.
2 Towing If you regularly tow your vessel, you’ll want to make sure your boat and trailer are covered when you’re on the road. This includes roadside assist. Most tow trucks can’t tow your trailer and boat, as well as your vehicle, so you may want to make sure your insurance covers this.
3 Discounts If you want a lower premium you can choose a higher excess or a limited type of cover.
4 Distance Some policies only cover your boat if it’s within a certain distance of the coast. That might be fine for your dinghy or jet ski, but if you have a capable vessel, you may want to voyage further. You’ll need to check the fine print to make sure you’re covered for blue water cruising.
5 Engine failure Many policies won’t cover engine breakdowns unless they’re a direct result of an insurable incident like a fire or a sinking.
6 Moored vessels Many insurers only cover the boat when its moored at an approved marina so you need to ensure the cover is flexible enough when you use other marinas.
7 Cause of damage Some policies won’t cover certain types of damage so it’s important to use a broker who know what you need and will help you understand the limitations of some policies.

If you’re not sure, get someone who is

Choosing the right marine hull and pleasure craft insurance for your needs depends on a broad variety of factors. Working with an independent, transparent insurance broker like a member of NZbrokers means you don’t have to spend time and resources investigating all the options and hoping you don’t miss something. Your broker will be able to find the right policy for you and you may even end up paying less than you think for your preferred policy.

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