Why use a broker?

    An insurance broker is an independent professional adviser who acts for you; finding and handling the insurance cover that best suits your requirements at competitive premiums. After a personal assessment, they will present tailored solution options, before marketing to a variety of the best-suited insurers.

    • Freedom: brokers are not limited to selling products from only one insurer. This increases the number of products and services that the broker can assess on your behalf.
    • Flexibility: if you were to become dissatisfied with an insurer, our independent broker can introduce other insurers and continue to act as your adviser and advocate when a new insurer is engaged.
    • Knowledge: brokers are familiar with insurance industry developments and trends (premium changes, new products and services, etc.) because they are working with multiple insurers worldwide.
    • Resources: loss control and risk management advice, legal advice, policy drafting, online connectivity, negotiation and claims advocacy, general insurance administration and record keeping.
    • Impartiality: the broker independently represents you and is remunerated by a fee agreed between both parties or commission from the insurer; removing risk of partisan advice.