Commercial Property and Assets Insurance

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Commercial Property and Assets Insurance

Your commercial property, including your business assets, are the lifeblood of your business. This includes your premises and your tools of the trade, from laptops, phones, and tools to plant and equipment. Even your office furniture counts as an asset. If your property and assets are damaged, destroyed, or stolen, your business could suffer. So you need commercial property and assets insurance to ensure you can get back up and running fast. To get the right insurance, you need to talk to the experts in your industry. Talk to a member of NZbrokers today about how to protect your business.

Commercial property and assets insurance broker

Commercial property and assets insurance is like home and contents insurance for your business. Without it, you open your business to significant losses if you’re hit by a disaster, theft, or equipment breakdown

Managing risk includes maintaining equipment so it works reliably and keeping your premises secure from thieves and vandals. But, despite your best efforts, things can and will go wrong.

Whether it’s an earthquake, a fire, a flood, or a criminal act, your business can never be 100 per cent safe from disaster. So, the important thing is to make sure you’re covered if the worst should happen.

The first step is to take stock of all the money you have invested in your property, tools, equipment, and other assets. Then you need to calculate whether you can afford to replace everything and continue operating if you needed to.

For most businesses, the answer would be no. Yet many New Zealand businesses are under-insured when it comes to commercial property and business assets. This is concerning when you consider how essential these assets are to your ability to do business, pay your employees and earn a livelihood.

It’s crucial to ensure you’re fully covered for every eventuality. To get the right coverage, you need to talk to the experts in commercial property and assets insurance.

NZbrokers is a network of independent brokers with extensive experience in commercial property and assets insurance, and we have a broker close to you.

NZbrokers can help you:

  • find the best insurance cover for your business’s needs
  • review cover from the broadest range of insurers
  • understand premiums and risk management
  • manage insurance claims for a better chance of success.

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Getting the right commercial property and assets insurance for your business

You’ve invested a lot of money to get your business to where it is today. The cost of your premises, equipment, stock, furniture, computers and phones, and more, all add up to a sizeable chunk of change.

Failing to protect it with adequate insurance means you’re taking the chance that everything you’ve worked to build up could disappear tomorrow if you’re hit by an earthquake, fire, storm, flood, theft, or other disaster.

The costs of an incident can add up fast. From securing temporary premises and letting your customers know where you are to replacing tools and equipment and cleaning up after the damage, you’ll have your hands full. All these costs add up fast and most businesses don’t have the cash on hand to pay for it, so you could end up going out of business.

Even if you do have sizeable reserves, the hit to your cash flow could make it hard to make ends meet.

Commercial property and asset insurance protects your premises and business assets in case of a disaster. Some examples include:

  • your shopfront is flooded and all your inventory is ruined. Your insurance policy pays for your shop to be cleaned and repaired, and covers the cost of replacement stock
  • your office building is damaged in an earthquake. Your insurance policy covers you to rent temporary premises and equipment to keep you operating until your building is habitable again
  • your tools are stolen. Your insurance policy offers new-for-old replacement so you can get back up and running immediately
  • a fire has gutted your premises. Your insurance pays out so you can repair and clean up the premises and replace any lost items like furniture, electronics, tools, and more.

Regardless of your individual situation, being insured means you have peace of mind that a disaster doesn’t have to be the death knell for your business, nor does it have to cost you more than you can afford to get back up and running.

Your commercial property and assets insurance will also cover you for your mobile business. This means business assets like laptops, mobile phones, tools, and more will all be covered.

It’s important to take stock of your assets and understand their value to your business. If you can’t afford to be without them, then commercial property and assets insurance is your best bet.

If you’re not sure, get someone who is

Getting the right policies in place can involve a complicated process of structuring and layering. So you need to talk to experts who’ll make the process as simple as possible for you.

Your local NZbrokers member does the hard work for you so you don’t have to spend time and resources investigating all the options and hoping you don’t miss something. Your broker will be able to find the right policy for you and you may even end up paying less than you think for your preferred policy.

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