Step up your Cyber Defence this Cyber Smart Week

CertNZ CyberSmart week 2020

It's CERT NZ’s Cyber Smart Week. Read more for useful tips to keep yourself safe online.

This week is CERT NZ’s Cyber Smart Week. The theme for 2020 is around stepping up defence to improve cyber security and reduce vulnerabilities.


“As with many risks, prevention is the best approach, which is why we’re encouraging all New Zealanders to increase their cyber resilience so they’re less vulnerable to attacks.

So, step up your cyber defence by taking these four steps – they’re known to improve cyber security and are pretty straightforward to implement.” – CERT NZ


Head on over to the CERT NZ website to take a closer look at how your processes stack up:

  1. Use a password manager – do you subscribe to a reputable password manager?
  2. Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA/MFA) – easy to implement on Office365, check where else you can use this
  3. Update your devices – e.g.  servers, laptops, PC’s, phone, apps and other connected devices – both hardware and software!
  4. Check your privacy – over to you on this one! Stay vigilant with your personal information.


NZbrokers strongly recommends security awareness training for staff as part of a wider cyber security policy. You can find easy to follow guides and information on the CERT NZ website about cyber threats involving email, such malware, phishing and spear phishing, spam, scams and fraud.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss Cyber Insurance Solutions, please get in touch with your local NZbrokers member.