NZbrokers Foundation announcement

In July we announced the formation of the NZbrokers Foundation. Today, we're proud to announce the foundation's first charity partnership with Orange Sky. 

In July we announced the formation of the NZbrokers Foundation. The foundation represents the next step in the evolution of NZbrokers’ philanthropic work, which to date has focused primarily on providing scholarships to members and donating small amounts of money to a variety of charities. The approach has been somewhat fragmented, and so we’ve sought to refine our approach while building on the work that’s gone before.

Our purpose as a foundation is to support our people and our communities. This is reflected in our mission statement: “supporting our members and our communities through education and endeavour.” In keeping with this, we will continue to provide scholarships to our members to the value of $40,000 every year and explore other ways in which we can support our members’ ongoing learning and training journeys. We are also very excited to announce that we are partnering with a new charity named   Orange Sky.

Orange Sky is a non-profit organisation that provides free mobile laundry and shower services to people experiencing homelessness in New Zealand. Orange Sky aims to create a safe, positive, and supportive environment for these people who too often are ignored or feel disconnected from society.

Having successfully established a footprint across Australia, Orange Sky launched its first van in Auckland in 2018. Wellington received its first van in 2019 and a third van will soon join Orange Sky’s busy Auckland service. Plans are underway to introduce more vans to New Zealand over the next few years.

And while clean laundry and showers are important, it’s the conversation and connection that Orange Sky brings that has the greatest impact. That’s why Orange Sky pulls out chairs at   every shift location   for volunteers to sit, chat and simply connect with those doing it tough on the streets of New Zealand.

To kickstart our partnership with Orange Sky, we’ve donated $10,000. We will also fundraise at various events throughout 2022 including our conference in April and Professional Development Days. All money raised at these events will be donated directly to Orange Sky. We have also set up a   fundraising page   where people can donate towards our fundraising goal for Orange Sky.

The association doesn’t stop there. We plan to volunteer for shifts at Orange Sky alongside QBE  - Orange Sky's principal partner - during 2022. AUB's staff will also join us on shifts as they would like to support Orange Sky too. It’s possible that this shift work may expand to include other partners as time goes by. 

We believe the partnership with Orange Sky is a natural fit for the NZbrokers Foundation and we’re looking forward to supporting their great work on an ongoing basis. To find out more, visit   Orange Sky.   If you would like to get involved, feel free to contact our NZbrokers Foundation team at   If you would like to donate, you can do so   here.