Important information you need to know about business income insurance

Whether you’re running a new start up or an established company, you’ve worked hard to establish your business. Imagine what would happen to that business if it were forced to close because of damage by a natural disaster.

August 15th, 2019Carla Gilmour
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Why insurance is a critical component of mitigating risk

There’s a lot to think about when managing a business. It can be easy to overlook one of the most important things you need to focus on: mitigating risk.

July 18th, 2019Carla Gilmour
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Protect your people and your equipment

As a small business, there are two things you depend on more than anything else. The first is your people and the second is your equipment. Without either of those things, your business would likely be unable to operate.

June 27th, 2019Cameron Blair
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Why a local broker is better for your business

Insuring your business through a broker can be a smart way to reduce risk. It can help you get the right policies for the best price and, importantly, if you need to make a claim, your insurance broker can help you maximise your chances of success.

June 6th, 2019Carla Gilmour
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How to protect your small business against incidents that are out of your hands

Running a small business successfully can be incredibly rewarding. If something were to happen that would prevent your business from operating for a few days, weeks, or even months, it could have a significant impact on your wellbeing and that of your employees.

May 24th, 2019Carla Gilmour
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Five things your commercial property insurance should cover

For most enterprises, commercial property insurance is high on the list of priorities when it comes to risk mitigation. However, many large organisations take out commercial property insurance and believe they’re fully covered, only to find out that they’re not.

April 23rd, 2019Carla Gilmour
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Why professional indemnity insurance isn’t just for big business

If your business provides advice or services to your customers then professional indemnity insurance can protect you from legal expenses or financial claims if damages happen as a result of the advice or service you’ve provided.

April 11th, 2019Carla Gilmour
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Why your business needs motor vehicle insurance

While you trust that your employees are careful drivers, you can’t necessarily assume that everyone else on the road is just as careful. If you run a business with company cars have you thought about the right insurance package?

March 19th, 2019Carla Gilmour
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Why your wine bar can’t afford not to have insurance

For small business owners, managing a business is often about choices and trade-offs. When it comes to insurance, however, it’s important to choose the widest cover you can afford to make sure you’re covered for every eventuality.

March 14th, 2019Carla Gilmour
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Why your business needs public liability insurance

For many businesses in New Zealand, public liability insurance is mandatory through the supply, service or lease contracts you accept. However, even if your business isn’t compelled to take out public liability insurance, it’s an important way to mitigate risk in your business.

February 26th, 2019Carla Gilmour
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Understanding the value of car insurance

For some people, a car is just a way to get from A to B. For others, their car is a symbol of freedom, their pride and joy. Regardless of how you use your car, it’s likely you’d be lost without it. It’s important not to become complacent and continue to take all possible precautions to stay safe on the road.

February 13th, 2019
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How to choose the right small business insurance broker

Owning a small business requires a lot of attention to detail. Most owners are aware that this includes insuring the business against adverse events as well as diligently managing the risks inside the business to minimise the chances of an incident occurring.

However, knowing that insurance and risk management are important, and having the know-how and resources to get it right are two different things.

January 30th, 2019
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Liability insurance: how to prepare your business

Did you know that if something goes wrong at your place of business or with a product or service you provide, you could be held legally liable? This is true even if you haven’t deliberately done anything wrong or if a complainant simply alleges that you did something wrong.

January 17th, 2019
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Why you should never leave home without travel insurance

As the festive season fast approaches, many New Zealanders are planning to go on holiday. Whether you’re headed overseas or you’re taking a break closer to home, travel insurance should be the first thing you pack.

December 5th, 2018
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Trade assets insurance: protecting your tools

Every business has its tools of the trade. Whether you’re a carpenter, plumber, or tiler with a ute and a toolbox on the back, or a sales rep, retailer, or accountant with a laptop and a mobile phone, your tools are nothing less than essential. Yet many New Zealanders don’t have enough insurance to cover the loss of such tools and other assets. Read our seven tips on how to minimise the risk of losing your tools forever.

November 23rd, 2018
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Business profit insurance: avoiding the worst-case scenario

As a small or medium-sized business owner, you’re responsible for the livelihoods of your own family as well as your employees. That’s a big responsibility. So, what do you do if something goes wrong and your income is reduced or stops altogether?

November 6th, 2018
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Protecting your business when you rely on a key person

Most businesses, regardless of size, are the result of the driving force of one person or a group of people. If your business still relies on the input and direction of one or a group of key people, then it may be at risk if that person or group can no longer be involved in the business.

October 29th, 2018
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Commercial motor vehicles insurance: what you need to know

Managing risk in your business is an important factor in how well your company performs. When you run a motor vehicle fleet, there are a number of risks that you need to consider and mitigate. Letting employees drive your cars or trucks means you’re responsible for their safety on the road, so having the right commercial motor vehicle insurance is crucial.

October 3rd, 2018
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